Casa Bonita: Haunted restaurant?

Casa Bonita is a Mexican restaurant located in Denver Colorado and it is far from being haunted. Although the food is subpar, the experience gets an A+. There are shows and dives every 15 minutes. It is required to pay at least $15 for food to enter, but it is worth it. Typically I don’t like to spend a lot on food, but this day I (caved) to experience a meal, waterfall, and of course the cave. There is an arcade, caricature artist and an interactive cave that could or could not be a scary experience. Taco bout a good time.

5 things to make your experience better

  1. Sit close to the water
  2. Honey, let me tell you bout them sopapillas (make sure to ask for your complimentary sopapillas)
  4. Wait in a long line; it’ll make your experience better
  5. Eat your entire plate of food

Chautauqua National Park: Boulder Colorado…. Beautiful park or hail no?

In going to Chautauqua with my friends, I had imagined a beautiful hike with a beautiful view. The weather took an unexpected turn and we were unable to complete the flatiron hike; however, the views we got to see were truly breathtaking. Although we had a rockin’ time (haha get it?), nothing went as planned. Chautauqua is located at Baseline Rd & 9th Street, Boulder, CO 80302 not far from the campus of Boulder.

Top 5 Things to make your trip more memorable

  1. Get hailed on during the hike
  2. Get lost
  3. Fall in the mud; it’s good for your skin
  4. Spend an hour getting mud off your shoes
  5. Indulge in Subway supplied by pocket points





Slide Rock: Sedona Arizona… Sedontcha wanna come here?

Our trip to Sedona started with a quest to find the legendary sedonuts, which do not exist. So, instead, we decided to go to Slide Rock which is located in Coconino National Forest, 6871 N. Highway 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336.  Slide rock was a bit of a “rocky” experience on this day due to the water’s freezing temperature. However, disregarding the numbness of my body as I slid down, the experience was very much worth it.

Top 5 things to make your trip to Slide Rock more memorable:

  1. Ride in a minivan blasting post hard core with your best friend
  2. Search for something that doesn’t exist
  3. Get ice cream
  4. Take tons of pictures; just cause you’ll probably forget if you don’t
  5. Slide down the rock no matter the temperature
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Future of Photojournalism

Photojournalism is essential to media today. Photographs help with relaying different emotions better than words can. Photos allow the reader to view the situation at hand and have a better emotional connection to the story.

Photojournalism allows different viewers to access stories that they probably wouldn’t look at if the story was solely a fact-based news story. Photos help to draw in different viewers. Although there are now different opinions on photojournalism, it allows for a more creative way to tell stories.

In an article titled, Q-and-A with a longtime photographer, written by James Estrin, he interviews a long time photographer named Donald R. Winslow. Donald tells Estrin that he thinks the new way of photojournalism is a threat to itself. Donald is very pessimistic in the way that he thinks photojournalism is developing.

Donald thinks that there are no more ‘good’ photographers and that anyone now thinks they are a photographer because of the easy access of cameras and technology. Since he has been a photographer for 40 years, in my opinion he is an old school type of guy and doesn’t like the new technology that has arisen in the photojournalism world.

James Estrin also interviewed Leslye Davis who is a youphotong video journalist and photographer. She has a very different and optimistic viewpoint about the changes in photojournalism as opposed to Donald. She views the changes as an opportunity for minorities and women to make their mark in the photojournalism world.

As opposed to Donald, Leslye thinks that having local photographers is beneficial to both the photographer and the writer of the story. This opportunity allows the photographer to get experience while Winslow thinks it is the ‘easy way out.’

I would have to agree with Leslye when she says that the advances in photojournalism are beneficial. Since the times and technology are evolving, then the media and photography is also advancing.

I think that photojournalism is going to take off. In the new age of media, Photos are now essential in the lives of everyday people. Especially with the younger generations being obsessed with photography I think the photojournalism world is going to take off.

Growing Friendships Through Technology

During my freshman year of high school, I joined a club called NPH, or Nuestros Pequños hermanos. This is an organization that works directly with an orphanage in Mexico. Through this club, I was able to sponsor a little boy, named Gabriel, who lives at the orphanage.

Gabriel with all of the new clothes and gear he got.

During my freshman year, I had the opportunity to go down to the orphanage over spring break with the club and visit Gabriel. The trip was one of the greatest, most eye opening experiences that I ever had. I was able to see first hand the impact that I was making in these children’s lives. During this trip, my view of life changed, and it was all because of the children that I had met.

The children at the orphanage are so giving and always happy. Although they have close to nothing, they are 100% the happiest children that I have ever met, and it was an honor to be able to go to their home and live with them for a week.

While I was in Mexico for a week, I met a lot of other children besides Gabriel. Two other kids that I met there who I became good friends with are named Pepe and Miguel. After coming home, I still wanted to keep my connections with the people I had met because they had such a big impact on my life. I was fortunate enough that, through Facebook, we were able to stay connected with each other over the years.

Through technology, I was able to keep in touch with my friends over the years. Out of the three of them, Gabriel was the only one who was not allowed to have a Facebook because he was so young. The only way I was able to talk to him was through letter writing. This was a long process, and the letters would take months to send because they had to translate them. Being connected to Miguel and Pepe made it easier and quicker to talk to Gabriel.

Church near where we stayed in Mexico.

It was not until my senior year in high school when I was able to go on the trip again. Even though I had not seen my friends for about three years, it didn’t seem that way because I had communication with them through technology.

I do not think that all online relationships are bad. In my case, I am able to stay connected with people who live in a different country. We do not talk as often as we used to, but I know that, through technology, I still have that connection. I am very happy that I live in a time where I am able to communicate with people this easily.

I am especially grateful for this form of communication because, since they are living in an orphanage, it is not easy to go and visit them, and they cannot come here. In order to go to the orphanage, one must go through background checks, and, even if these background checks leave you no restriction, there are still only certain days of the year you are allowed to visit.

Overall I am very thankful that technology allows me to keep contact with my friends in Mexico.

The Joy of Missing Out

Everyones favorite time of the year is when the weather is perfect and the state fair comes in to town.  Since I had just moved to Nebraska last year, I hadn’t ever been to the Nebraska State Fair. The fair occurs in the months of August and September, and, at the time, I did not have many close friends yet. When my sophomore year rolled around, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the state fair. I was ecstatic and had begun to count down the days until it was time to go. Unfortunately, the state fair ended up being my JOMO or the joy of missing out.

Photo taken at the state fair with a monkey. 

As a side note, I love pictures; I think that everything needs to be captured on film, and sometimes I get carried away. At the end of every year, I like to make photo books of everything that has happened throughout the year so the memories are always with me. This one time, though, at the state fair, I may have gotten carried away.

When the day came, my obsession of photo taking hit a high note, and there was no stopping me. Although I thought that I was having a good time, I now realize that I was only focused on taking pictures of the day instead of living in the moment and enjoying the time with my significant other. As I look back on the day, I feel bad because my boyfriend  was in all of the photos, meaning my picture obsession took away from his enjoyment as well.

The entire day, I was posting pictures on my snapchat story and also taking personal pictures. I now have pictures of animals, shows, people in costumes, and a countless number of other things.

A picture that was probably unnecessary to take.

It is something that I need to work on. I will always be one to take pictures because I want to have the memories forever. I need to work on limiting the amount of photos I take. A few photographs of the day would suffice; I need to learn  that I don’t need to take photos of nearly everything.

Since social media is such a big part of our lives now, I do not think that it is unreasonable to take them while we are out if the reason is to capture a moment. The way that most people live their lives is through social media. It is the platform that people use to express themselves. Although, there is a limit on how much technology should be used while out with others. Time being spent with others is much more valuable than time being spent on our devices.

Technology is now the center of our lives, and, whether we like it or not, technology will continue to develop. We will always want to stay connected and know what is going on with the world around us. We will also want to share what we are doing in our lives with the world.

The world of technology is not slowing down, and unfortunately we get wrapped up in it.