Casa Bonita: Haunted restaurant?

Casa Bonita is a Mexican restaurant located in Denver Colorado and it is far from being haunted. Although the food is subpar, the experience gets an A+. There are shows and dives every 15 minutes. It is required to pay at least $15 for food to enter, but it is worth it. Typically I don’t like to spend a lot on food, but this day I (caved) to experience a meal, waterfall, and of course the cave. There is an arcade, caricature artist and an interactive cave that could or could not be a scary experience. Taco bout a good time.

5 things to make your experience better

  1. Sit close to the water
  2. Honey, let me tell you bout them sopapillas (make sure to ask for your complimentary sopapillas)
  4. Wait in a long line; it’ll make your experience better
  5. Eat your entire plate of food

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