Future of Photojournalism

Photojournalism is essential to media today. Photographs help with relaying different emotions better than words can. Photos allow the reader to view the situation at hand and have a better emotional connection to the story.

Photojournalism allows different viewers to access stories that they probably wouldn’t look at if the story was solely a fact-based news story. Photos help to draw in different viewers. Although there are now different opinions on photojournalism, it allows for a more creative way to tell stories.

In an article titled, Q-and-A with a longtime photographer, written by James Estrin, he interviews a long time photographer named Donald R. Winslow. Donald tells Estrin that he thinks the new way of photojournalism is a threat to itself. Donald is very pessimistic in the way that he thinks photojournalism is developing.

Donald thinks that there are no more ‘good’ photographers and that anyone now thinks they are a photographer because of the easy access of cameras and technology. Since he has been a photographer for 40 years, in my opinion he is an old school type of guy and doesn’t like the new technology that has arisen in the photojournalism world.

James Estrin also interviewed Leslye Davis who is a youphotong video journalist and photographer. She has a very different and optimistic viewpoint about the changes in photojournalism as opposed to Donald. She views the changes as an opportunity for minorities and women to make their mark in the photojournalism world.

As opposed to Donald, Leslye thinks that having local photographers is beneficial to both the photographer and the writer of the story. This opportunity allows the photographer to get experience while Winslow thinks it is the ‘easy way out.’

I would have to agree with Leslye when she says that the advances in photojournalism are beneficial. Since the times and technology are evolving, then the media and photography is also advancing.

I think that photojournalism is going to take off. In the new age of media, Photos are now essential in the lives of everyday people. Especially with the younger generations being obsessed with photography I think the photojournalism world is going to take off.


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